Why Backup

Datahouse Cloud Backup powered by ASIGRA can give your organization the tools you need to make sure that all of your critical data is protected –off site and locally – with the highest security standards and techniques in place.



While it may seem obvious why you should protect your data with backups, a professional approach to planning a defense requires that every conceivable threat is recognized and ad¬dressed by the solution you finally select. Data loss disasters have many causes and every one of them is too common to ignore.

  • Human error -- accidental deletion
  • Hardware failure
  • Software failure -- file corruption
  • Viruses
  • Hackers
  • Stolen computers or drives
  • Natural disaster -- fire, flood, etc.


In addition to planning for all of the threats, it's also critical to understand that backup is only half of the protection equation. Without a quick and surefire recovery, your company could still be severely hurt by a data loss.


How your company responds to a data loss crisis will have impacts on both your financial bottom line and your professional image. With the best data backup and recovery system:

--Following a data loss emergency, you will still be in business with a minimum of lost sales and productivity.
--Your business reputation will remain intact when customers see how quickly and profes¬sionally you recover from a data loss incident (if they notice at all.)
--Your business will avoid great expense for tech support, which may or may not be able to recover lost data.
--Your business will be in compliance with pri¬vacy laws and industry standards. The threat of data theft is minimized.