Healthcare Data Protection

Data protection has become an integral part of the workplace. Having a backup plan in the case of disaster is a good business plan, no matter what your market. You cannot foresee all disasters, so the best course of action is to have a response that can respond to as many situations as possible. Our steps to ensure that you have proper data protection include utilizing remote backup servers. This allows you to rest easy knowing that your data is protected. The more your business grows the more you are going to need data protection planning. Data protection is critical in all fields, but especially so with healthcare. As the healthcare industry deals with information that is sensitive as it is important.

Healthcare Data Protection

Healthcare IT security is becoming increasingly important in the current healthcare environment. Datahouse knows the complex and mounting concerns that the healthcare industry is facing, which is why we provide our knowledge and resources. Our backup solutions and recovery solutions utilize HIPPA compliant encryption. This means we have your data stored at two separate data centers. This ensures your health information is safely and securely stored in agreement with HIPPA guidelines. Having backup data cannot stop disasters from occurring, but with the proper data protection measures, you can rest assured your data will be secure and available to you.

Healthcare Industry Risks

In 2011 healthcare’s security was breached more than any other industry. This may seem reason for alarm, but with proper IT security the likelihood of a breach occurring decreases dramatically, however it is still wise to consider data protection backup. Even if you are taking the proper security measures with your data setting up backups in case your defenses fail is still the best practice. This allows your data to be retrieved in the case of a data breach, which can be the difference between failure and success during a critical time for your business.

Healthcare Solutions

Datahouse offers several solutions that can even further ensure the security of your data. We are FIPS 140-2 certified, which means you can rest easy knowing that we protect your data by the standards set by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Healthcare institutions should not invest in solutions that transfer ePHI through networks for data protection purposes without an FIPS 140-2 certification. This also means that we will offer you a certificate of destruction should you ever need to eliminate any data from our servers. We also eliminate the potential of data breaches; avoid potential penalties, undesirable publicity and other damages to your personal reputation. We do this by remaining within the guideline of the FIPS 140-2 and constantly keeping up with the ever-changing regulations.