Cloud Based Server Backup - Benefits of a managed service

Each year businesses lose billions of dollars from data loss, these loses are both from recovery efforts as well as reputation loss. Most businesses cannot recover from a critical data loss occurrence. The smart solution is to utilize a managed cloud based server backup. Cloud backup systems have many advantages to utilizing them. They have a lower cost of ownership, as well as reduced operating and administrative costs. Cloud computing has enhanced reliability and speed of recovery. They offer a more secure method of file transfer and other compliance safeguards are stronger. They also eradicate all of the limitations of tape backup.

Cutting Costs with a Cloud Based Server Backup

Utilizing a cloud based server backup takes advantage of your current infrastructure so there is no need to purchase additional equipment. By integrating with existing IT environments the cloud is capable of locating and selecting files for backup, and then securely transmitting encrypted bit level changes of those files to offsite data centers. Resulting in a lower cost of ownership, especially in comparison to that of tape backup systems. Once a backup schedule has been established, the company’s data is automatically protected, providing a low touch solution. This greatly reduces the administrative and operational supervision for data backup.

Dependable Cloud Server Backup

Asigra’s dependable, cloud based server backup is designed for ease of recovering and restoring data, without exception. Individual files are the most common type of data recovery; by utilizing cloud backup you can instantly restore data regardless of location. Using Datahouse as a managed service provider can help you to establish Recovery Time Objectives and Recovery Point Objectives that will synergize with your business necessities. A cloud backup solution permits your company to direct your IT resources to more economical business needs within your business. Also, when your business data environment begins to grow and experience changes, the built in scalability of Asigra’s cloud server backup will make transitions simple.

Secure Cloud Server Backup

Asigra’s secure cloud server backup helps to create an environment in which you can have peace of mind. Files that are designated for backup are deduplicated, compressed and encrypted prior to transmission to a cloud vault. The backup data will remain encrypted even after they have reached the intended destination. The practices that cloud backup employs are considered to be vastly superior to unencrypted on-premise data backup and recovery systems. Asigra is the only solution with a FIPS 140-2 certificate from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). This means Asigra has achieved one of the highest levels of procedures and encryption available.

Cloud Backup vs. Tape Backup

Asigra’s cloud based server backup easily solves the most glaring problems when using a tape backup system. The biggest problems with tape backup systems are that they can be many times more expensive than a cloud based solution. They succumb to restore failures more often and the fact remains that they can be lost or stolen when being transported off-site. Many tape backups are not properly encrypted or properly tested for validation. Recovering data from a tape system can be sluggish procedure, even more so if a tape is to be retrieved from an off-site location. The obvious solution is to utilize cloud server backup, it is a superior, more secure way to do business.