Datahouse Cloud Backup, powered by Asigra is considered to be a premier leader in the backup and recovery industry. Asigra has developed a system that minimizes human involvement, simultaneously centralizes all business backup and recovery procedures, and ultimately saving organizations time and money. With the cloud rapidly being adopted as infrastructure for data storage, Asigra offers organizations the ability to leverage the cloud for backup and recovery solutions.

Why is Asigra considered to be the thought and technology leader?

Because of Asigra’s dedication to their five design principles:

  • As little human involvement as possible
  • Offsite storage of the backed-up information
  • Centralized backup of all business information
  • Protection of the computing environment (Systems and Applications)
  • Quick and reliable recovery

Asigra was able to become the first software system to develop an online backup and recovery software platform, multi-tenant backup and recovery software platform, agentless backup and recovery software solution, remote office backup and recovery software package, Backup Lifecycle Management (BLM) software product, ILM-aware backup solution, service-oriented architecture for backup service providers and corporations, agentless Bare Metal Restore (BMR), agentless backup and recovery for Mac OS X, distributed backup and recovery solution to offer email Message Level Restore (MLR), and FIPS compliant backup and recovery solution.

The Asigra system puts customers first

Asigra was the first vendor to visualize backup and recovery in a multi-tenant Software-as-a-Service model, delivered through service providers and thus leveraging the public cloud. Asigra partners with service providers to deliver agentless backup and recovery to the market. Asigra embedded billing and other tools to deliver remote services. Asigra gives end-users the option to purchase through the channel but host on their own systems, thus leveraging the private cloud. End-users who want to buy the platform to create private clouds can source it through their preferred reseller because Asigra’s channel program honors the pre-existing relationships between the end-users and their existing channel partners.

Ways that Asigra can empower your enterprise

Hybrid Data Protection Strategy: There is no need to choose whether to completely manage the entire company data or completely outsource it to an Online Backup Service Provider. Asigra solution lets companies seamlessly migrate between the two strategies without having to reinstall the backup and recovery client software.

Public and Private Cloud Computing Data Protection Strategy: Asigra gives companies the option to leverage the Public Cloud or use their company’s Private Cloud to optimize the backup of distributed remote locations, virtual machines and mobile users. Control vs. Custody: Asigra solution ensures that your company has control of backup data. Even when supervision of the data has been given over to an MSP in whose vault your encrypted data resides, you can easily migrate the backup data from your data center to an Asigra MSP’s vault without having to reinstall the backup and recovery client software. This enables a variety of clear, cloud-migration paths.

Single code base and common platform: Asigra offer a holistic data management solution that includes technologies like LAN Storage Discovery, Mass Deployment, Encryption, CDP, Deduplication, Replication, Backup Lifecycle Management within a single code base and unified platform.

Asigra DS-Client and DS-System Overview

  • VMware
  • XenSource
  • MS-SharePoint
  • MS-Exchange
  • MS-SQL
  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • DB2
  • PostgreSQL
  • Lotus Notes and Domino
  • GroupWise
  • MySQL
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Unix
  • Novell
  • Macintosh OS X
  • System i

Additional Benefits from Asigra

Significant savings
Even if agents from traditional backup and recovery vendors were free, an Asigra solution would still enable huge reductions in operating expenses.

Simple licensing
Simply purchase software the same as disk capacity. No license fees, no tracking, no overspending on site licenses and you only pay for compressed and deduplicated capacity consumed.

Agentless - One piece of software to install, manage, upgrade
The Asigra does not require agents to be loaded on computers being backed up. This means that it is a more secure environment, no maintenance for upgrades, only one system to manage the entire organizations backup and restore functions and a single point of collection.

Asigra software self-upgrades, so there is no time-consuming and administrative procedure for upgrades and hot fixes to the software. Also, there is no additional cost for software or maintenance fees.

Even if agents from traditional backup and recovery vendors were free, an Asigra’s agentless solution would still enable huge reductions in operating expenses.

WAN/LAN/CPU resource conservation
Asigra software runs with minor impact on servers, workstations, and laptops, eliminating the CPU-cycle hits associated with agent-based solutions.

Robust hardcoded security
There are no agents to open hacker-tempting ports in the firewall.

Elegant scaling
The Asigra agentless backup and recovery solution easily accommodates new capacity, new applications, and new sites.

Autonomic Healing

The Autonomic module constantly scans the DS-System and immediately notifies when it encounters a corrupted or otherwise problematic file. The autonomic healing detects any corruptions (both data corruptions and logical inconsistencies caused by third-party technologies such as faulty RAID controllers, file systems, operating systems, disk subsystems, network packet loss, etc.) and sends notifications so that the personnel can fix the problem before it becomes harmful.

LAN Storage Discovery

This module completely analyzes the entire concentration of data on the LAN before you commit to a storage procedure. This module generates relevant reports that identify possible storage inefficiencies, thereby enabling you to optimize and better manage the backup procedure from both a data and cost perspective. Data helps to show areas where you can:

  • Increase server availability and performance.
  • Isolate storage abuses before conducting a costly backup.
  • Reduce backup window time.
  • Optimize network disk space, which enables you to determine which files require backup.

Other Optional Modules

  • Local Storage Backup and Restore
  • Web Portal
  • Replication DS-System
  • DS-Recovery Tools
  • DS-System Monitoring
  • DS-Client Monitoring
  • Disc / Tape Module
  • DS-Billing