Healthcare Data Protection

Data protection has become an integral part of the workplace. Having a backup plan in the case of disaster is a good business plan, no matter what your market. You cannot foresee all disasters, so the best course of action is to have a response that can respond to as many situations as possible.



Datahouse Cloud Backup, powered by Asigra is considered to be a premier leader in the backup and recovery industry. Asigra has developed a system that minimizes human involvement, simultaneously centralizes all business backup and recovery procedures, and ultimately saving organizations time and money. With the cloud rapidly being adopted as infrastructure for data storage, Asigra offers organizations the ability to leverage the cloud for backup and recovery solutions.


Cloud Based Server Backup - Benefits of a managed service

Each year businesses lose billions of dollars from data loss, these loses are both from recovery efforts as well as reputation loss. Most businesses cannot recover from a critical data loss occurrence. The smart solution is to utilize a managed cloud based server backup. Cloud backup systems have many advantages to utilizing them.